The Blue King

Visions of Atlantis

Where am I?

It’s dark. Quiet. Not cold, but without warmth.

I’m not indoors, but I don’t feel like I’m outside either.

In front of me, I see the impression of a perfectly still, muscular chest. A shimmering light defines every detail on the deep blue body standing before me. Blue? The blue is like deep blue crystal, glistening boldly, shimmering slowly over the perfectly still man. A statue? The shimmer, the light source, it’s from high above. I see now. I’m in the ocean. A statue, yes.

Mesmerised, I look up past his broad shoulders, towards the thick blue beard that frames his face. I see him now. A crown dominates his stature. A king. The face of a man who knew his worth. A look of strength, gazing out into the distant ocean looking over, surveying his “under sea” kingom, over his people.

He sits on his throne and in his left hand holds his massive golden weapon. His Trident.

An expression of unyeilding might, this King is not one to be forgotten.

He is King Trident of Atlantis.